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welcome to bartholomeus klip

TEL +27 (0)741 599 906 | TEL +27 (0)22 448 1087 | TEL +27(0)82 829 4131

Bartholomeus Klip is an exclusive destination in the Cape Winelands, located on a working farm and game reserve in the Riebeek Valley. Discerning travellers will appreciate the peace and quiet in the exclusive five-bedroomed farmhouse, while families with children can enjoy privacy in the Wild Olive House & Cottage.

An easy drive of just over an hour from Cape Town, our romantic and supremely comfortable farmhouse is set beneath a spectacular mountain range, and surrounded by well-kept farmland and a 10,000 acre nature reserve. We offer a range of activities on the farm as well as in the surrounding Cape Winelands and West Coast area ...

Our story in 22 pictures ...


20 Anniversary Specials April, May and June 2017

We are celebrating 20 years of farm-style hospitality and responsible tourism. Join us on Facebook in the next couple of months, or go to our Anniversary page, looking back at the stand-out moments and experiences that have made us what we are today, and watch this space for great accommodation, restaurant and day visit specials in April, May and June.

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rates & bookings

Check availability and book now

All inclusive: Luxury from R 3940.00 pp pn sharing
All inclusive: Suite from R 4500.00 pp pn sharing
Self catering: Wild Olive House from R 6325.00 unit pn (sleeps 6-8)
Exclusive Use: Rent The Farmhouse R 40520.00 for 10 guests pn  all inclusive

   Main House:Half Board Rates on Request

The all inclusive rate includes accommodation, all meals (afternoon tea, snacks and sundowners, four-course dinner, early morning coffee and pastries, mid-morning brunch), twice-daily activities and all unaccompanied activities(mountain biking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking).

The self-catering rate includes accommodation (sleeps 6-8,1 x bunk bed room), a daily service, and all unaccompanied activities (mountain biking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking). Meals and guided activities available on request. These ar booked in advance aswell as all eating and other requirements confirmed before arrival.

Rate for meals:

R650.00pp per night for breakfast, afternoon tea and family dinner, children under 15 years are half price.

Or Reserve a table at the main house for dinner for R385.00pp(no children under 16 years)

Rates for activities:

Nature Drives- R 250.00pp and children under 15 years R100.00pp per drive.

Archery- R100pp for an hour session


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Postal PO Box 36 Hermon 7308 Western Cape South Africa

Telephone TEL +27 (0)741 599 906 | TEL +27 (0)22 448 1087 | TEL +27(0)82 829 4131

Fax +27 (0)86 604 4321

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latest ranger updates

Looking forward to the next generation

Calling all hands on deck.... The lambing season is drawing near as the staff of Elandsberg Farms gather the sheep for scanning. With sweat on their brow they herd roughly four hundred and thirty sheep together and guide them one by one to be scanned for lambs.This scan will show if they are carrying 1 or 2 lambs and Abraham our sheep manager is able to predict his birth rate. A productive day was had with good humour and pride as the numbers rolled in.225 Single lambs / 177 Double lambs (Twins) / 30 inconclusive to be rescanned at a later time One of the highest turn-overs in the farm’s history- Well done to the sheep team!

A fresh breath of air

Spekboom  Portulacaria afra, also known as elephant bush, dwarf jade plant and pork bush, is a small-leaved  indigenous succulent plant found in Southern Africa. It is a soft-wooded, semi-evergreen upright shrub or small tree, usually 2.5–4.5 metres. The spekboom is widespread in the Southern Africa. In this moist climate, it is relatively rare, and tends to favour dryer rocky outcrops and slopes. It is also found in much denser numbers in the dryer Southern Cape.


Can you eat this plant? Yes, it is commonly eaten in Southern Africa, usually as one component of a salad or a soup but the most amazing quality this plant has is its ability for carbon sequestration. It is capable of either C3 or CAM carbon fixation, depending on factors such as the season and the age of the leaves. In layman’s terms it absorbs large quantities of carbon dioxide, almost four tons per hectare. It is also water wise and drought resistant and can survive on just 250 -350mm of water a year. Make sure you add this to your garden it can definitely improve the quality of air you breath.


Meet the Cats

Caracals are medium-sized wild cats native to Africa; it is listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List and threatened by habitat loss due to  human habitation and farming of natural habitat. Its  habitat includes semi-deserts, open savannas, and scrublands. Typically nocturnal, we say typically because out in Nature you’re not allowed to use two words , ALWAYS & NEVER, because nature can surprise you most of the time as we were surprised by the Cat in picture! Caracals are highly secretive and difficult to observe. They are nocturnal but can be active during the day in protected areas. Caracals are carnivores and feed mostly on hares, rodents, rabbits, hyraxes, antelopes and birds. 

African Wildcat- Rare and endangered,however, there is currently thought to be at least five different subspecies: the European wildcat, the African wildcat , the Southern African wildcat  the Asian wildcat and the Chinese alpine steppecat. These cats are hardly ever seen and to get a picture with  the cat and its prey is very rare too.  We are very fortunate to have got  pictures of these cats walking around during the day on our Reserve and hope to share many more.



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sustainability | Environmental Responsibility

Bartholomeus Klip was awarded Silver in the Best for Conservation category in the African Responsible Tourism Awards 2015.

Rondeheuwel Primary School, our local school for children from the farms in the area, is in need of help to try to provide the children with opportunities for enrichment, as well as the best education possible. Most of the ladies working at Bartholomeus Klip have children who attend the school, and they are always working at fundraising to help the local community’s children who are less fortunate than their own. The limited government resources available make their task more of a challenge.

Since the opening of Bartholomeus Klip in 1997, we have always tried to help the workers & their families living here in whatever way we can. Social responsibility has always been important to us, & by becoming Fair Trade accredited, we have confirmed our values & commitment to our community.

We invite you to share our vision for the children & donate any spare coins you may have rattling around in your purse. The money will be used to fund a very important project: the hiring of a school bus, which we plan to use to take the children on educational excursions & sports days to schools in other areas. We hope this will expand their horizons as well as give them the chance to meet and interact with children at other schools.

The coins will also be used to help with the feeding scheme set up by the school, which provides all pupils with a cooked meal. For many of the children, it is the only meal they get for the day. 



The Ikusasa School of Cooking www.ikusasa.co.za began as a small project of St. Martin's Diocesan Home for Children who wanted to create a program that would help school going youth within children's Homes to acquire skills in catering and hospitality. It was joined by two employees of the Three Cities Hotel Group who expanded on the original vision and spread the word amongst the Durban Food and catering Industry. 

The project attracted the attention of the Chaine Des Rotisseurs, a French Food and Wine Society who were on the lookout for a worthy project to support in the field of hospitality and catering.

With the backing of Chaine Des Rotisseurs and its newly formed Chaine Foundation Trust, more interest was sparked! The International Hotel School were the next on board to get behind the project, bringing serious recognition, putting Ikusasa on an entirely new level.

From its humble beginnings, Ikusasa has grown into a project that offers its graduates Internationally recognized qualifications and opportunities. The Ikusasa School in Riebeek West was opened in 2013 with great success. The students were picked from the Riebeek West Special School and surrounding community after completing an application to attend. The enrolled students fulfil their practical training at the school and at some of the local restaurants and hotels in the immediate area. We had a total of 4 students over the last year, who joined the BK team three days a week and we are so glad to be part of such an initiative where young adults are given opportunities to further themselves and develop a passion for cooking from our chefs who mentored them. 


events at and around bartholomeus klip

The Cape Winelands around Bartholomeus Klip, including Riebeek Valley, Wellington and Tulbagh - are buzzing with activity, throughout the year. Harvest festivals, art exhibitions, concerts, magnificent wine estates and excellent restaurants are very popular with the locals, so why not immerse yourself in some local folklore and have your finger right on the pulse of what's happening in our communities.Here are some of the events taking place at the farmhouse for the next few months

View events calendar

Harvest dinner with Rust & Vrede

Flower season at Bartholomeus Klip

30 things you didn't know you can do in the Cape Winelands (self-drive activities around Bartholomeus Klip)

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